Saturday, April 18, 2015

Strong Connecting Lines on Risk + Cyber and Risk + Core Financials (the Audit skills and Technology skills on Teamwork)

In Beta:

Strong Connecting Lines on Risk + Cyber and Risk + Core Financials (the Audit skills and Technology skills meet on Teamwork through Project Management and Business Analysis Lines as well as Security (ASIS) and Programming Level Controls  on Software and Data Lines and Data Tables and Access Lines including ICT lines in the Economy and Financials and most especially the newer lines on risks through Mobile Technology:

Fundamentally speaking the problems on Risk + Cyber reduce to two dimensions Hardware and Software Access and Control. There are a number of levels of built in controls on every system that has been appropriately secured and the consideration begins with protecting Physical Access to core Systems and Data Repositories as a first level step and the companion step is the more complicated lines to protect the software and data lines of access to core systems and technology.

Additionally there is the question of the validity of core data sets, the quality controls around data entry sets and the data that exists in tables supporting Financial, Compliance and Statistical Data (including Client and Vendor Level Data and Entity Level Economic Data) for Entities. The value at Risk for Entities (on Risk Management) that speaks to the needs on Risk + Cyber teamwork correspond to every point in a entity where key financial, operational, strategic, compliance and statistical data exists including employee records in Human Resources like Health Plans, Retirement Plans and Statistical Data on Employees, Core Financials, Ledgers, Accounts, Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flows, and the thousands of line item ledger accounts and underlying data flowing through Major and Minor Financial Systems like Oracle Ledger, PeoplesoftSAP , MS Great Plains and SAGE (ERP X3 for Example)  where corresponding to details for the needs of Entities.

Our value to the Board RoomsSupply Chains, and more corresponds to the deep knowledge of Financials, Compliance, Tax, Statistical, Entity, Economic and cross sector reporting. As Leadership support line we exist in a place where few have placed so much of themselves on the line to help on cross sector challenges in the Economy and Financials and our back lines correspond to some very strong abilities to navigate the lines of Global Financial Decision Making Research for return value to Corporate Governance, Entity Accountability and cross sector challenges in the Economy and Financials. By specific design to use the knowledge to help on some of the most pressing challenges in the Economy and Financials today and to leverage the skills of 20+ years experience to help on the needs on teamwork on demand with deep research, strong cross functional teamwork aided by communications strategy (from Our PRTC Lines on Communications) the overall awareness to the key points where Entities and Technology can meet on better teamwork in the Economy and Financials to help on the risks including Risk + VUCA in acknowledgement of Global and Domestic Challenges we ALL Face as one of the Three Key Classes of Risk being Risk Management, Risk + Cyber and Risk +VUCA in the Economy and Financials.

We are uniquely prepared to join teamwork on the Project Management and Business Analysis lines due to skills in the Financial Sector, On Cross Sector Research and the deep experience to connect the Entity and Technology needs where the Data, Communications and Financial lines carry the knowledge across Entity and Sector Lines in the Economy and Financials.. What we find is that the mathematically order to all things defines important consistent pathways where we can bring rapid knowledge to needs on Risk and Financials with core Audit, Financial, Compliance and Technology skills that connect to the Engineering and advanced math lines,the conventional lines of Accounting and Controls, the Security lines of Controls and the more open thinking lines that come from experience on creative project lines to move with the blue print of controls and new and open thinking to the risk lines to help go strategic and off map to new lines of though to help fragment the lines of linear patterns and help on building strong controls for the data lines. We seek to help on the key challenges and as we work on CISSP, CISA and ITIL lines for the top lines of skills we see to help on needs we bring already strong Project Management, Business Analysis and Core Financial (including Audit and Compliance skills) uniquely configured with cross sector experience (on Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Government and Individual/ Family and Community Research on a Local,  Regional, State, Multi-State, National and Global Configuration of Risk Awareness for core needs on Financials and Data to run business lines AND a unique perspective to the value at Risk for Entities and the Economy in the Aggregate).

Risk Management itself is about multi-level needs for Individuals / Families and Communities for example on secure transactions and Identities, For Entities  and for the Economy and Global Teamwork in the Aggregate as Trade and Growth rely on Accountable Systems and Core Controls.

This is our line in it's infancy for the needs on Risk + Cyber but to truely understand the value we bring to the lines on Cross Functional Teamwork and Risk Management is to understand that depth of Financial and Economic skills to help on teamwork for cross sector needs in the many points where we have built knowledge from core skills on the Financials, Risk Assessment, Controls and the true value at Risk in the Economy and Financials.

This is a start line to communicate for the awareness to help on teamwork as we express that we are here to help on the needs of the Board, Leadership, Senior Management, Staff, Individuals, Families, Communities and Entities across sectors where we ALL meet as stakeholders in the Economy and Financials. Enough is Enough on fast and loose on Risk + Cyber it's time to close the GAPS and fix the controls to protect the value at Risk in the Economy and that will happen best on cross functional teamwork, a key point that we are uniquely equipped to help on. The Rest relies on you to answer the call when we reach out to you to let you know that we are here on teamwork OR alternatively to get on the call from your end so we can help with deep skills on Global Financial Decision Making Research for the knowledge to services lines where services, research and outreach can help on teamwork for the Economy and Financials.

Thanks and Let's Speak Soon where we meet on Risk Management in the Economy and Financials, this is ALL about teamwork for the needs of Entities and Individuals / Families and Communities as key stakeholders on the Outcomes. We see it as an important calling to help on the needs of Risk + Cyber in relation to Core Financials, Data and Communications lines where we all meet in the Economy and Financials as part of the value added to support on Strong Controls and Risk Management cycles for Core Financials and the Economy.


DCarsonCPA / Dean T. Carson II, CPA From NYC, NY a Global Capital on the Economy and Financials and a key point for Teamwork from which to help on the Global Challenges with Global view to the needs of Cross Sector Stakeholders in the Economy and Financials.

Simultaneous to writing the above we had the below in mind and wanted to reach out to the innovators on growth on the support lines:

As a side note on Assets in the Global Economy under utilized on teamwork:

Queens, NY is the most diverse Borough of New York City an under-realized and under developed Asset to the US Economy with key needs on Development an opportunity exists for sustainable investment in a Global Headquarters in Jamaica Queens from which to source Global Start Ups and from which to assist on Local and Global Economic Opportunity lines. Get Invested in Jamaica Queens and build to help on growth with a new canter for International Teamwork with accessible access to JFK, NYC and the Global Economy. The creation of a diversified Hub for business in Southern Queens with Smart Access for Business and Non Profits could be a key Asset to the Economy for these generations and the next to follow. Find the ways to make it happen on teamwork. We need your support on Teamwork and Innovation to help on the needs in the Economy.

QEDC and Jamaica Development Corp. , NYSEDC,US Commerce , NYC Mayor , NYC Council and more resources to post soon find your way to our Empire Lines. Get involved on the ideas to help on Global Business Growth . New Business Opportunities and Teamwork for Humanity are only an innovation away where you foster growth and the best pathways work with Global Teamwork for the challenges in the Global Economy and the needs for Business Growth that also works on teamwork for Humanity in the Aggregate. Building cross functional Teams rich with diversity is critical for the needs in the Economy for Today and Tomorrow. We can help on ideas and drafting on plans - we've been giving it lot's of consideration and will help make the road easier with insights and planning support. If we can get Global Teamwork on an innovation center in Jamaica focused on Trade, Research and growth on the productive lines of Teamwork it could ba a net win for the lines of Domestic and Global needs in the Economy and an Innovative cross space for Business and Non Profits could add new value to the Economy and Humanity Opening up access pathways to Capital and opportunities for improvement in available space with strong access to affordable Labor AND Education resources, the value of the hub could help reduce congestion and create a new vibrancy in what has been a neglected point where the City, Nassau and Suffolk County meet on teamwork.

Link to to follow on the NYC Borough Lines

Sunday, April 5, 2015

DCarsonCPA on Risk + Cyber

DCarsonCPA on Risk + Cyber:

We are bringing this line together to help on the lines on Risk + Cyber with cross functional Teamwork, still ironing out some of the framework. A Few Links to follow on current lines:

DCarsonCPA Project Management and Business Analysis support lines 

DCarsonCPA on IT Integrity and Data Risk

DCarsonCPA on Financials 

DCarsonCPA on Compilations, Review and Audits

DCarsonCPA on Audits and Controls / Frameworks (in Beta)

We look at Risk in Comprehensive Terms rooted to the value on Financials and corresponding data lines for strategy and operations. Working in pursuit of key skills on the ISACA / CISA, ITIL and CISSP lines for value on the Risk + Cyber lines. We are plugged into the knowledge of the NIST Framework on Cyber AND various other Frameworks like COBIT 5, ANSI / ISO and the lines across various sectors that contribute value to broad cross functional awareness with ability to map to specific needs for sectors on demand as building lines for the up and coming needs on project support lines for cross functional teamwork on Risk + Cyber.

Please pursue to learn more at the links above and follow the lines to DCarsonCPA online.

Friday, March 13, 2015

DCarsonCPA on Risk + Cyber

DCarsonCPA on Risk + Cyber:

..... preparing the updates for roll out....

During the interim find relevant support lines on Services and Research at

DCarsonCPA on Project Management and Business Analysis