Sunday, April 5, 2015

DCarsonCPA on Risk + Cyber

DCarsonCPA on Risk + Cyber:

We are bringing this line together to help on the lines on Risk + Cyber with cross functional Teamwork, still ironing out some of the framework. A Few Links to follow on current lines:

DCarsonCPA Project Management and Business Analysis support lines 

DCarsonCPA on IT Integrity and Data Risk

DCarsonCPA on Financials 

DCarsonCPA on Compilations, Review and Audits

DCarsonCPA on Audits and Controls / Frameworks (in Beta)

We look at Risk in Comprehensive Terms rooted to the value on Financials and corresponding data lines for strategy and operations. Working in pursuit of key skills on the ISACA / CISA, ITIL and CISSP lines for value on the Risk + Cyber lines. We are plugged into the knowledge of the NIST Framework on Cyber AND various other Frameworks like COBIT 5, ANSI / ISO and the lines across various sectors that contribute value to broad cross functional awareness with ability to map to specific needs for sectors on demand as building lines for the up and coming needs on project support lines for cross functional teamwork on Risk + Cyber.

Please pursue to learn more at the links above and follow the lines to DCarsonCPA online.

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